I saw this guitar several days ago on craigslist. The guy who had it offered it to me at a price I could'nt refuse. I always sort of wanted one. If I decide later I dont need it I think I can sell it for more than I gave. So far I do like it though. I will try to include a few pics.

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when people say hngd, it makes me think of just a really strained grunting sound. Like that's the sound you're making.

I really like the Melody Maker, Its just the headstock that irks me.
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Quote by PedroLesPaulVM
I really like the Melody Maker, Its just the headstock that irks me.

The Melody Maker is so manly that it does not need a wide headstock!

I'm a big fan of the Melody Maker - even tried to start a MM fan thread but there aren't enough of us to support it.
nice guitar! how much did you pay?
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I wanna get one of them, and do the Gary Moore and shove a Dimarzio in the bridge

I've always liked them, I'm a fool for MMs and LP Jrs.
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Well to answer some of you I did give $300 for it. He had it a week or two then decided he wanted something else. Can I send the warranty card in? or will it matter? I saw these going from $300 to $450ish on Ebay so I figure I did ok.

Thanks for the replies. Been playing it some and it sounds pretty good.
HNGD - i've got my eye on a double cutaway '65 melody maker.. it costs £1200 though but i can't help but smile when i play it - never got to play a modern one to see if it has the same effect.
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
HNGD! She's a beauty. At first the headstock bothered me on these, but after awhile, it grew on me.
Sounds like you did alright on the purchase, congrats.
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Personally I'm not a fan of the necks on the Melody Makers, but my neck preferences are different than most, so yeah. Beautiful guitar, how's she sound?

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Quote by stinger12345
Nice!! Pardon my ignorance, but what pickups are those? Looks pretty interesting

it has one single coil in the bridge.
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Quote by jeffc313
it has one single coil in the bridge.

so that thing next to the neck, isn't a pickup?
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Quote by stinger12345
so that thing next to the neck, isn't a pickup?

Nope, it's part of the pickguard that says melody maker
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Quote by stinger12345
so that thing next to the neck, isn't a pickup?

Nope. It's a little extension of the pickguard that says "Melody Maker."

When they re-issued it in '04 under the name "Les Paul Melody Maker," there was no pickguard and a single P-90(the one in my sig). It and the Joan Jett signature model are the only ones with the Tune-O-Matic and stop tailpiece combo from the factory. For the following model, they dropped the "Les Paul" part and it was just called the Melody Maker. It had a wraparound Stop-Bridge and two single-coil pickups like the one in T/S's guitar. Finally, they released the version that T/S purchased.

Personally, I like the combo of the LP body shape and the thinner body, like that of an SG. The thinner body, slim neck and skinny headstock makes for a well-balanced instrument that doesn't strain the back and doesn't want to point at the floor. The thin neck and larger radius fingerboard are quite comfortable.

Mmmm...I wish I still had my old '59 Melody Maker...ahh, memories.
Played around with this a while last night. It sounds pretty good to me. I think it may need a little set up work though because I did get some buzzing here and there.

The neck feels different than my Ibanez ART100 that I have been playing alot but it did not seem to bother me at all. So far I think its a keeper.

My wife said something about another white guitar which was funny cause I didnt mean to have 2 white guitars. The next guitar I get willl have to be a different color. I'm GASing over a LP Jr but I need a nicer acoustic as well so who knows what i'll get next.