Hello to all fellow guitarists!

I want to buy a new guitar for myself, but I'm kinda low on budget, it's around 300 to 400$ max. I'm definitely not a pro, I only jam with my buddies and for myself. I play different styles, from metal/hardrock, dimebag squeals, satriani/vai style to jazz and blues. I also got myself a new audio interface, so I guess I will do some recording, but again nothing professional, mostly for hobby.

So I would like to know which guitar would you recommend for me?

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Oh, one more question, I'm stuck on the Schecter Damien 6 FR it's a bit over my budget but from what I have seen I'm pretty sure this is the guitar I need, but then again I might also consider something like the Dean Vendetta 2.0 Floyd Digital Camo .
Btw why is the Dean so much cheaper than the Schecter, I thought the Schecter's were cheap/quality guitars?
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Look at the Cort KX-5 FR. It should be around $400 and is pretty versatile. Corts tend to feel and play a bit above their price tag.
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Get a Bass

I do own a cheap aria pro 2 bass, and I do play it sometimes, but I prefer guitar thanks.

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Look at the Cort KX-5 FR. It should be around $400 and is pretty versatile. Corts tend to feel and play a bit above their price tag.

Looks nice, but can't find them anywhere to buy them on the net. I don't reside in the US, so if it's not a famous brand like fender, ibanez, jackson.. buying it from the internet would be my only option.
Dean low-mid range guitars seem to have bad quality or so people say. I honestly don't think they are that bad, but I would rather get the schecter than the dean.
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Hm, I haven't played either, so I don't really know. But if you think about it....that Dean only has 1 review, which gave 1/2 a star. Whereas the Schecter has over 160 reviews, and has an average of 4.5 stars. Now, I realize you shouldn't be buying a guitar based on things like that, but I don't think you can pass over it as meaning nothing.
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I picked up an indonesian made Hamer XT Series guitar recently (Sunburst QT) for $250.00. Freakin' thing sounds and plays GREAT. Although it's a les paul style guitar without a floyd rose, I think there are other styles in the series.

I've been playing for 25 years and I couldn't believe the tone and playability.

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