I've seen this feature on many pedals. Can you do it n this Boss ME-70? (As in, record to your computer)
Oh, really? What do you need to do so? Is it just USB 2.0 or is there a little more to it?
There's a 1/4" out for recording, which you would connect to your computer's audio input via something like this available at radioshack or any other electronics store.

So it goes ME-70--->Standard instrument cable--->1/4" to 1/8" adapter--->computer input
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Alright, great to hear, thanks guys.

So, how is the pedal in general? Good? Good for all types of music? Rock, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Punk, Jazz etc?
idk about ME70 but I had the ME50...good tone except for extreme metal...and recording out sounded bad...or maybe it was just my n00biness..
But for extreme metal all it had was an MT2 model...sounded TERRIBLE. But great lead tones using the other models.
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The hardest I'll go is Thrash.

Then I guess it could work...but I didn't like the recordings I did with my ME 50. Great live unit though.
Now need to know if the it has versatile sounds.

Looking for some distinct sounds. Maybe I'll list some bands' sound that I would like to achieve? lol

Guns N' Roses
Judas Priest
Iron Maiden
Led Zeppelin
ZZ Top


Are most of these semi-possible with these kinds of pedals?
My friend owns the ME70 and gets some really nice tone from it.

I just dig all the effects it has.
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