Ok, well, where do I begin.. A few weeks ago I was on a trip to egypt, and I was gone for about a week or so. When I got back, the power had gone out a few times because we had some bad storms around the area, blah blah :P

Anyway, so, I turn on my amp and there is suddenly this unbelievable noise coming from it. White noise, fuzz, hiss, whatever you wanna call it. It wasn't there before I left. So for the next few weeks when everytime I play guitar I'm kind of investigating, trying to figure out and pin down what's causing this odd phenomena. I finally got down to my MXR 6 band EQ, causing the noise. Now, let me describe this noise.

Its odd because what it does is, if I leave the guitar alone for a while, the noise dies down. like a cooldown period or something. It's a loud fuzz noise like I have to much gain on, even when I have hardly enough for breakup. If I lower my gain, the noise gets quieter, but slowly escalates up till it's back where it was, regardless of gain level.

I believe it's an electrical problem with the pedal because it cracks, CONSTANTLY. Cracks back down to lower levels, to higher ones, to no noise, over, and over. It's just completely baffling.

I changed the fuse on my amp, I unplugged all pedals, bought new cords, plugged just the EQ in, whichs kills the noise but the random cracking and popping is still there even when I'm not playing, etc..

It's completely odd. :\ So I guess my question is am I gonna have to spend money on a new pedal or is there some kind of mod I can make the to PCB inside or something? Thanks.

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