Creative, open-minded drummer wanted - Heavy Industrial/Electro Rock (East Fort Worth)

Sign 7 ( http://myspace.com/sign7music ) seeks a talented drummer with solid timing, an open mind and an urge to create some heavy machine-rock.

Some minimum requirements:

- Know what you are doing - Please be able to play and keep time, shouldn't have to even mention this when asking for a drummer but based off past experience, apparently it needs to be said.

- Have an open mind. This is industrial-rock, you will need to be OK with playing on a (full or partial) electronic kit (or be willing to put triggers on your acoustic kit), you should actually be excited about this fact.

- Have a good head on your shoulders. No psycho-rapists, evangelical fundamentalist , drug addicts (we all have our vices but there's a difference between having fun and being an addict), murderers, etc. wanted.

- Be willing to commit - Obviously you won't know if we get along well until we practice together, but at least be open to the possibility of (assuming we get along well) committing to staying with the band for the indefinite future, we don't need a studio drummer...we need a band member.

- Be versatile - Sometimes we might want you to play a simple 4 to the floor house beat that's nothing special, other times we might want some crazy almost-indecipherable-yet-somehow-coherent-breakbeat-of-doom. You will play a wide array of styles/rhythms, you don't have to know every one of them to begin with, but be willing to experiment and learn and push yourself.

About Us: We are Sign 7. We are a new band, currently we have 4 members. We all have a "main" role but we all play multiple instruments and do several things. I play synth/extra percussion/noises and do some programming & recording. We have a guitarist who also plays synth and has done the majority of the programming to this point. We have a bass player who also plays keys and percussion. Finally we have a vocalist who also plays keys. All of us can sing as well. I do website design and programming. Our vocalist is an artist. We are pretty well set-up to get things going, we just need a drummer(and another guitarist, but that's for another ad...) You can hear an (old) sample of what we are doing @ http://myspace.com/sign7music ..... We have ~5 songs near completion so we are about ready to start playing small shows, we can't do that until we find YOU, our drummer.

We have a rehearsal space in Ft. Worth, and my electronic kit is up there so for try-out purposes, you won't need to bring your own kit. We aren't gear-*****s so if you don't have the best gear it's not a huge issue, as long as you are willing to work towards getting better gear, and you have the talent and the heart, that's all vastly more important than how many different crash cymbals you tote around.

Here's some of our major influences (some moreso than others) - Nine Inch Nails, PiG, KMFDM, The Killers, The Birthday Massacre, Zeromancer, Nightwish, Celldweller, Tool, Coal Chamber, Rat-a-tat, DFA1979, Kidneythieves, Ugly Mustard, Mindless Self Indulgence, Skold, etc. etc. etc. We like all kinds of music. IF you are a fan of dallas locals Red Pyramid, The Razorblade Dolls, or Rivethead you will probably enjoy what we do.

Send me an email @ chillbeast@gmail.com or contact us on myspace if you are interested.

Thanks for your time,