I have made a new guitar lesson, it is on my Facebook music page. It is about constructing a solo by means of repetitions. Check it out!

"A common scenario: you have just written a cool riff or chord progression, and are trying to create a guitar solo on it. But no matter how long are you martyrizing the axe, no success seems to be achieved... A familiar situation, huh? Then read on, because this kind of problem can easily be solved following some general rules. To begin with, click here to download the sound files of this lesson:
http://www.4shared.com/file/117968470/ef2038df/Jonas_Tamas_-_Eloquent_Look_solo_and_backing_track.html ... "

Click here to view the full lesson with detailed explanations and TAB:


You'll find my older exercises here: go to http://facebook.com/jonastamas then in the Notes tab there will be quite a few lessons with TAB and mp3.