Well ive been having this pain in my strumming arm for a while now. It basically feels like my arm is squished the way i play, but after i stretch it most of the time goes away, some times it doesnt though. Ive tried changing the way i sit and the position of my arm. I dont play classical and i own a squire strat so the groove in the bottom is rested on my right leg. When i try to play classical the pain goes away but my left arm feels tired after a while, so is there a way i can fix this without revamping the way i play? O and the pain is in my shoulder and tricept
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-O and the pain is in my shoulder and tricept

...and it could extend up unto your back shoulder.Do you anchor the pinky or several fingers on the body?Even if not,practice standing up but have a few days of rest before that.It could end up in a bursitis if not careful about it.
this happens to me too, but only when i play sitting down. try playing standing up, if you dont already, maybe that will help, or if you already play standing up try lowering your guitar. once i lowered my guitar the pain in my arm went away
Looks like your gonna have to learn how to play the piano dude. Bummer man.. Do some pushups or somthing.