Ok i have a question.... Anybody here ever try or know alot about the Marshall JCM 800 2205? I found a halfstack for relatively cheap that is about an hour away, and i was wondering if anybody could give me any insight into what this amp sounds like. Ive never played a jcm 800 but im very intrigued by them.

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It's the channel switching 50 watt model. It has some diode clipping as well as a (crappy IMO) FX loop. It's a bit harsher than the single channel version and the cleans aren't all that great. That said, a friend got his modded and it now sounds great.
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Can it handle modern metal with a boost?

Jackson Mark Morton Dominion
Mesa Dual Rect 2 Channel
Marshall JCM900 1960 cab
mmolteratx hit it on the head, 800's like mods and i don't know too many people who really liked the 800 without them. the jcm800 rose in prominence because a traveling rock band in the 80's could find one in any city, which made finding a new amp easier when the old one broke down. working musicians didn't flock to 800's cuz they sounded, they flocked to them cuz they were readily available and easily modded to sound good. btw, i think the 5150 is nothing more than a modded 800 at it's heart, same thing with a number of other high end amps. enough bashing of 800's(by me) though cuz they did put out better ones in the earlier models.

so, do believe you may do metal with a boost(maybe), i would also dare to say you won't be 'thrilled' at the tone until it is modded.
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