This song I wrote when I was at work (I am a fuel attendant) and I watched as a dog was ran over and killed and it was a very gruesome scene. It inspired me to write the melodic/technical Deathmetal song

No mercy for the weak, No help for the Innocent
As you lay in pain, Your bones begin to break
You try to crawl away, But your death draws near
You struggle to stay alive
You watch as your sky turns black
And overpowering weight snuffs the life that was once there
As you bones begin to break
Crippled and Incapacitated, You accept your Ill fate
And give in to the cumbersome pain
You let it take you away
Take you away
It takes you away
No choice, it takes you away
And people say I'm negative. Nice job, but really negative hehe... then again it is Death Metal
It is pretty negative, but i watched a dogs insides splatter over the road. That kind of scene doesn't give positive thoughts
nice. i'd limewire that (in a good way, lol)
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The topic seems far too obvious in the lyrics, but that's my own taste.

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