Hi guys,

I'd like a few opinions on guitars I've been looking at on GAK and other similar sites. i also wanted to know if there were other guitars I ought to check out from similar brands - I'm not that clued up with what's hot and whats not in the £400-£700 price range with metal/hard rock and fast solos in mind.

Questions I have in mind is... whats the action like, the pickups, tone, reliability - ususal stuff. I know very little about the different bridges aside from being a floyd rose system or similar.

Guitars I want to go try out so far are:

Ibanez S470B (~£450)
Ibanez RG1570 (~£730)
Ibanez JS100 (~£500)
Jackson DK2 Dinky (~£500)

Any other suggestions?

My current axe is a Washburn KC-90 thats a wonderful guitar but because it's almost as old as me I'm after something similar to use as my first choice workhorse.

I'd say I was of intermediate skill but have started to get more advanced techniques like sweeping down, so I'd like a guitar that would help me progress more as a metal soloist.

I currently play a band that plays maiden/megadeth/metallica-esque metal with a slant towards the proggy stuff, but would like a guitar that's going to let me play satch-style blues-influenced hard-rock too.

my current kit is a Line6 PodXT Live plugged into a Behringer Ultratone K900FX at home and a Marshall JCM Combo with my band.

Thanks in advance for any input, it's greatly appreciated.
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I think you're looking for that guitar that'll last you a long time

I myself am looking at a Jackson Kelly KE3 or a Jackson Rhoads RR3 I'm pretty sure those are in your price range. That model comes with Duncans meaning you can play the heavy stuff as well as the cleaner stuff.

From what you're saying it looks like it fits your style.
I forgot to say as well, please god no guitars that only come in black if I can avoid it My other two guitars are black (not through choice) I know it's superficial but would much prefer something like red/blue/white. Obviously this is the last thing I'd consider about the guitar i pick after playability and sound etc but i do fancy something different. Unfortunately Ibanez RG models in this price range seem to come in really dark colours in this year's brochure.

How do the pickups on the S470B compare to those on the RG1570? Same question for bridge? I do like SD pups as there are a set of decent ones on the washburn and they've always sounded nice to my (inexperienced) ears.
If you like your current washburn I'd give an X50pro a try too.