So i have this custom neck for my partocaster. I get baked and then think its a good idea to put my neck on the guitar. Im still waiting on other parts (ie pickups and pots) so i was going to wait till i had all that and had scalloped the neck till i put it on but, you know how things seem like good ideas at the time. I put the neck on no problem.

I wake up in the morning and go look at the strat and the neck is on crooked, apparently i had put it on funny the night before. Now when i unscrewed it and went to put it back on, it keeps moving to crooked because the screwholes from the botch job are close enough that the screw jumps to them. Not to mention the one screw on the right side is so close to the edge its starting to crack it.

My question is, can i just fill those holes with filler and clamp the crack overnight and it'll be good, or is there some other way that this has to be done....
You can just fill the holes with filler, then drill some pilot holes and finally re-drill the original holes.
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