Hey. im looking for my 3rd guitar. ive been playing for aout 2 years now and i wanna upgrade.

i want a metal guitar, so im looking at B. C. Richs.

I found a guitar on craigslist.com for $150.
It is a Mick Thomson M7 signature. They do not sell them anymore and these are VERY hard to find. Do u think i should buy it? if so, how could i get some fast money?


I don't know much about BC Rich but for 150$ you cant go wrong.

Btw, I've been playing for 6 years and only have 1 guitar
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I personally think that BC Rich is over rated becuase of thier shape, and i used to be like you i loved slipknot and i wanted a bc rich very bad but that was when i first started listening to metal and playing guitar. They were pretty much my gateway band for all metal. but 150$ is totally worth it, do it up man.
I wouldn't because I don't like the lower end BC Rich guitars and it's the guy from Slipknot's sig. I don't think you can get any gayer than inlaying a cheesy looking "hate" on your guitar.
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I agree with Levi79. ESPs are great for metal, but if you found a decent guitar for $150 then you shouldn't pass it up.