I got some new effects for my bass, and so I made a bass solo. Two things in the song are not original though. With my new effects I realized I could make the beginning theme for a game a lot of you will recognize . And the other is something everyone should hear around their streets during the summer .

Haha. I've been playing for 16 Months now, so it's clearly not perfect, but yeah. Thanks for any comments.

(Even the mean ones saying I'm a terrible musician.)

(But I don't like those guys so much)

(Even if what they say is truthful :'[ )

Anyway, they're in my profile, so check it out!

(I also have an acoustic recording I made a few months. It's not really acoustic, but it was written with my acoustic guitar, recorded with Electric. It's really low level, cause I've gotten better with chords now, so don't worry, it doesn't sound so bad now.)
X_X I dont know I found the Bass solo...annoying >_> it would've been very nice to hear if it were clean 8*(

It got off to a good start, but the effects just really detracted from it.

With "Closing Time" What exactly are you using to record with? noticed alot of noise

Aside from the bass solo and the "acoustic" the others are from a few months ago. Back when I was like 3 months into playing. I don't record to make into a selection, I record for people to listen to w/e. I do live solo's. The problem with recording on my computer is that it's really sensitive. But it's fine cause I don't really record to make songs for people to listen to, just to critique.

But thank you very much. Haha, I really like the effects I have on it now, because it gives it a stand-alone sound. As a bassist/guitarist, it's nice to have prominant roles in the music I play. Those with the bass effect I just got, it doesn't really make it funky or w/e. It makes it heavy. But it sounds nice combined with the other. (BTW It's a Qtron, and Big Muff)

C4C? idk what that means, but I really liked your song. What do you use to record? Well it's not like I'll be using it, but I am curious now.