I'm a true lyric writing beginner but I'm doing my best.
This is just a work in progress and I need some help and tips ASAP.

I'm probably gonna write like one more verse and then I gonna see if I wanna have a chorus or something. Feedback please.

I stand up and pick up a book of the shelf
A layer of dust blocks the cover
I wipe off the dust and I watch it descend
Lit by the flame of the summer

With the title revealed, I know for sure
I never have opened this book before
But there's something about it that makes me believe
This mistery book has all that I need

Each printed letter is jumping towards me
Like grasshoppers out in the fields
Each chapter equals a puzzle piece forming
An image of something surreal

I would hang it up on the wall
But I'm too afraid that I'l fall
The ground tends to be much harder, than it

And all of my guests would just ask
Say what does this abstractnes mean
And I'ld ramble for hours descrbing the colors
The beauty that only I see

Living in a crystal world
The lightest push and you'll shatter it all
One way mirror walls
If only I could see beyond
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Since there are no limitations in music I think you should do what You personally think feels best.

I'd try a 'non-chorus' song though, that might be cool and I've actually never done that before!
Stay sharp and hold on tight.