Ok, so like most people ive gotten to the point where I want to start recording. First off, I dont want or need professional sounding gear or anything like that, Im just looking for decent sound that will sound good, not terrible. My budget is deffinatly at $50. I just bought a $170 wah, and im deep in the hole, as far as paying back my dad.

So, I was thinking of buying a Behringer XM8500 mic, and a very cheap Behringer USB interface. That would round up to around $50. Would this sound decent, or would it be complete crap?

Or, does anybody have any other suggestions, besides saving up for something better, because thats just going to take forever for me.


EDIT: Oh, and I will be using Audacity
For computer recording: get a cheap 1/4" to 1/8" audio cable (probably like $6-10) from Radio Shack or a cheap mic and download Audacity (free). You don't need to go all out on your first time
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a usb mic will probably give you the best quality for the money
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a usb mic will probably give you the best quality for the money

Yea, thats what im thinking. But should I get the audio interface? Is it really going to make or break if my recordings sound good or not?
get the cheap Behringer interface, that should do. but i record plugged into the line in input on the back of a computer and i get good enough sound.
Ok, so im set on the Behringer XM8500 mic. Can somebody please help me w/ what to buy as far as wiring it to the computer. All these cables and adapters are so confusing.

Oh, and Im not going to get a USB mic, there even more expensive , unless you guys can point me to a good one under $40
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You will need an XLR-phono cable for what you're looking at. Thomann sell a legend-looking USB mic for €60 than would give you more mileage than that XM800.

However please tell me why you want to use a vocal mic for miking an amp... I'm not an expert but what I know about mics would suggest a C1 as a better choice.