Okay, so any models you have played that have either not lived up to your expectations or exceeded them?

I went into a shop the other day and tried a few telecasters, with my eye on a 72 Deluxe. Never got to try the deluxe, but tried some Teles (Banja, Mexican, American) and was kinda dissapointed. Although I didnt plug them in, the thickness and weight of the body was a real shock, and they just didnt feel...expensive!
I also tried some Gibsons- an SG special and a Les Paul Standard. Both kinda sucked. The construction was shoddy- I could see glue marks, and they just felt cheap...

As for surprises, after replacing the pickups and setting up my Ibanez ART 300, I can safely say this is a f*cking fantastic guitar that I would happily rank highest in all the models I have played. The construction and binding are fantastic, and the bridge is the most comfortable thing ever. The Irongear pickups completely shocked me as well!!


So, any stories you guys wanna share to forewarn us buyers?
PRS Custom 24's and custom 22's. I have not found one yet that beats my Carvin in feel and playability, and they're triple the price. Only tried a few, though.
let downs:
Kerry King Marshall Amp, just couldn't get into it
Cubes, they just sound stale to me
Non-Prestige Ibanez RG models, the ones I played had playability issues

Gibson Flying V (why I bought it)
Monster Cables, I just never realized how much a good cable mattered
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