hey, i've been playing bass 2 years now and i started slapping and popping DECENTLY lately, and i was wondering if UG had any tips or tricks to help.
learn some primus, and something Larry Graham (he played with Sly and The Family Stone, you should learn some of their songs)- the inventor or slap bass stlye
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Practice. all the time. an obvious statement, but the key point is to practice correctly. there are different methods, but generally your thumb joint should be the 'hammer' as it is hard enough to give the trademark slap staccatto sound. popping should be done with your finger underneath the string, pulling it away from the fretboard far enough to make it rebound and connect with the frets. i'm sorry if i'm stating the obvious, just want to cover the basics the most important thing for slap and pop bass (in my mind) is making sure you're accurate; a missed slap is generally a horrible sound. also, constant practice will build callous on your thumb and fingers.
Watch Alexis Skalerveskis "salp bass program" on youtube or download it, this will help. also learn some old skool chili peppers even of you dont like em. it will still help your slap. then when your somfortable try some marcus miller or at least watch him
slap like a drummer. that is how it was invented anyways.
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