K well before you say "there is a thread on this" i already looked at it and i checked out the songs n stuff and there crazy..

bassicly i'm just wondering i wanna learn a song that has a really basic solo.. so like not to long. But still has easy sweep picking in it. i'm not into those long 5 minute solo's like dragonforce does and stuff... just somthing basic to start off with as i suck at sweep picking

EDIT: Is there any specific way to hold the pick. Lots of my friends say they hold it almost in there hand.. not in the fingers??

any help??


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every solo from Ascendancy is an easy sweep picking solo
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My first sweep picking song was the Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle, it's short and simple (although the 5 string sweep was a bit more challenging it's still easy enough).
Personally I don't change the way I hold the pick, but I've seen people loosely curl their fingers into a fist during sweeping.
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The way you hold your pick should come naturally when you start to get the hang of sweep picking.

The start of the solo for "Burn" by Sex Machineguns has some basic three string sweeps.
It has three and five string Em arpeggios followed by a three string F arpeggio.

The above suggestion from DartS17 about the Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle is probably spot on for your situation. It has a three string Dm arpeggio and five string C arpeggio.
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One! By Metallica. In the beginning solo. Check out version 2 of the song, you'll see the part i'm talking about.
Fade to Black has a short easy 3-string sweep passage.
Alternately, you could take a simple Gm/Gmaj chord and arpeggiate that to make a five string sweep. Then play around with that. I personally prefer to make my own solos that way rather thn hope for one in the sweet spot at which I can play it right.
The solo in Bat country by Avenged Sevenfold is pretty simple. The sweep picking starts after the first guitar finishes the solo and before the harmony.
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