I wrote an album for my band, and here it is... I put Midi, to make everyone happy lol. Crit4Crit thanks

01 On Her Wings, She Flew (Intro)
02 Can You Say Goodbye?
03 Never Say Never (f/ Carl6661)
04 Live to Die
05 Forget Me (It Won't Be Hard)
06 One Last False Apology
07 What a Shame (Interlude)
08 If You'll Take a Bullet For Me, I've Got a Gun
09 The Book of Life
10 To Feel Alive
11 Burned Free of Sin
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Yes I am lol, this is gunna take a long time, so i'll crit a couple songs and keep coming back to crit others as i have time...

On Her Wings, She Flew - Pretty good for a intro track. Although I think I'd bring in the bass before the drums, but thats just imo...actually...after playing it over a couple times lol it works the way it is. Not much else to say about it, it seems to do the job quite well.

Can You Say Goodbye? - My first problem (which is only GP related) is instrument choice for the vocals lol, using that sounds awful, but its only GP so its not really important. I'm assuming you're using screams during the verses as well. You played the switching off between clean and distortion quite well, no weird transitions lol. I think you should have built up to go into the last chorus and make it really powerful, instead of just clean guitar.

Never Say Never - The string skipping riff for the verse seems really difficult lol, but maybe I'm just not that good. A problem with this is playing it live, switching from a 12 string guitar to a 6 might be difficult...unless you have a double necker with ya haha.

Live To Die - Definitely a lot more metalcore-y with the octaves and such. I don't like the chorus though, it has a few sour parts and it doesn't feel like a chorus either. The main riff and verses seem to have more power. I'd use the chorus as maybe a pre-chorus or something.

Forget Me - Who doesn't love a good piano intro eh? The transition into the 2nd intro was a bit iffy. I don't think you needed to have the 4 bars, just cut 26-27 out. Otherwise a nice change into the guitar. Although there wasn't a BIG change in the chorus, I really enjoyed it...reminded me of some band I can't remember lol...its on the tip of my tongue. I don't know what the pre-solo is about, i didn't see any solo...unless the marimba part is the solo. Not sure whats up with 135 either lol...why the big bang during the piano?
On Her Wings, She Flew - This is probably the third oldest song out of the whole bunch, My writing skills were still being crafted, but personally I sort of agree with you, and I sort of don't about pulling the bass in first.

Can You Say Goodbye - Eh it's all i could choose from basically lol. Screaming verses yes, as for the last chorus expect a strong finish and final chorus in a real recording

Never Say Never, we have 2 guitarists, me and obviously someone else. I would play the rhythm of course, and there's enough time when the lead hits the guitar break to switch guitars during live performance, that's kinda why theres only one guitar there It also sounds great to me. Also practice up lol the string skipping part comes naturally before you know it. (2 years and you mgiht even throw that 32nd note in there too! lol)

Live to Die, ouch lol the chorus sounds good to me, but thanks for honesty =]

Forget Me, during live performances, my band plays a solo during this song as our big show closer. The pre-solo would lead into the solo and the solo would finish out the song instead of continuing to another chorus... I didn't think it would be a good idea to tab the live version, that's how we attract people to our shows lol... We have some stuff we dont do on the CD. And I'm not saying we play 500,000 seater stadiums... On average 2,000 people come out maybe, and we play about 10 songs. We don't have an official pianist, but we have a FOTF that plays the parts for us, maybe he'll become official...?

Thanks for the Crit So far I'm enjoying it

P.S.: Double Neck Guitars = eww... lol
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All my original (C4C) material is located here.
to feel alive feels like it should be a single, its a brilliantly written song, well done. get rid of that fade out though, give it an epic ending to accompany what is a good solo, which for some reason you decided to hide with a fade out :S
I'm not too amazing at writing a climax solo, so I decided to fade it out. I appreciate the comment, I might rewrite the ending, only time will tell, I might try something on it in the studio, but I don't believe I will repost a link unless it's the real recording.
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All my original (C4C) material is located here.
My first reaction to "The book of life" - "OMG NOT DOWNTUNED lol"
Giving it a few more listens until I crit, but so far it doesn't seem very interesting bass-wise (as in, you don't stray very far from just using roots or doubling the guitars) but IIRC that's typical of the genre

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Quote by Zeroxk
My first reaction to "The book of life" - "OMG NOT DOWNTUNED?"
Giving it a few more listens until I crit, but so far it doesn't seem very interesting bass-wise

"OMG NOT DOWNTUNED?" good or bad...? Some of the songs have different bass parts, like Track 2.
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All my original (C4C) material is located here.
whoa, the intro was pretty solid, the the first song.
came in like a bomb in a building, i really liked it. really nice work on the drums there.the chorus is also really good...

the sec. song. really nicely put together, reminds me of bullet for my valentine, altough this song is not tuned down to C.

Live to die. Im sad that you can't find better track names , than old ones that Metallica or James Bond used years ago. sorry bout this. but, the song is nice. generic, but nice, uhm , but i personally dislike the chorus.

Forget Me. Reminds me of KSE mixed with A7x. Pretty nice. Bullet for my valentine in the chorus, really missing a solo from there.

One last false apology & what a shame. I understand you wanted to have a break in the album, but i think "one last false apology" would have been far more than enough.

Bullet song... i'd prefer a blast-in beginning, after the two relaxing songs. dont like it, sorry.

Book of life, good olde' hammerfall style for me for the trackname too :P

Feeling alive. A really good song, stands out from the crowd. One of my favorites.Not much to add, perfect. yeah, of course we've heard it already from other artists, but it is a must-listen.

The last song, i dont know, i just dont like it :/ i dont know why, but it doesnt fits my style, yet im in pretty deep in hc/mc/ post-hc.

all of it:

keep up the good work. plz crit my song, Moments. Link in signature.