I'm purging my pedal board. Here's what's up; all prices are shipped and Paypal'd:
Wilson Ten Spot: Ibanez WH-10 clone. Great condition. $100.
Keeley DS-Ultra: mint condition with original box and knobs. $100
Electro-harmonix Small Clone: great condition. Comes with adapter to Boss-style power plugs. $50
Phase 90 clone: true bypass, range/speed knobs, velcro, and some kind of toggle switch that changes the nature of the phase. $50
Keeley AD9: has all mods except for expression pedal inputs. Mint condition with original box. $140
ISP Decimator: great condition. $80
Price drops:
Wilson Wah: $80
Keeley DS-1: $80
Keeley AD9: $120
ISP: $70.
I may be able to do $90 shipped for the Clone and the Phase 90 clone on Thursday is you still have them then.
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