Just a random/weird thought....what do you think drums would sound like recorded outside? Everytime I play gigs that involve me playing drums outside the drums sound pretty damn good. If I recorded them outside do you think it'd sound okay? I know obviously I'd have to watch out for background noise (birds, cars, people) but I live on a hill and as long as the fire whistle isn't going off and there's no baseball game behind my house then it's pretty quiet up here. Thoughts?
I've never tried it, but I know the acoustic intro to Reclamation by lamb of god was recorded on a back porch. But that doesn't really help. =\
I've done this before.

Drums outside sound fantastic, but natural phenomenon will cause massive issues (wind is the killer).

The result is an ultra dead sound, I recorded my old drummer in a flat paddock in the middle of nowhere. There was 0 reverb anywhere. It sounds insanely tight and raw.

We got a bit of light wind that day, but it ended up working with the song so we didn't fuss to much.

It came out sounding like a huge kit with a synth wind-pad playing just beneath it.

Very cool.

Techniques used? Two A?B overheads, a Snare (57) and a Kick (421) mic.

That is all. I'll see if I've still got the tracks around somewhere.
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Yeah I figured it would just sound really raw. Somehow I forgot to think about the wind interfering hahaha but I guess I'd have to try it on a non-windy day. If you do have those tracks you should lemme hear them!
One MAJOR problem (living in a rain-locked country) -- rain.

I DON'T want to be the one setting up condensor mics with Phantom Power on!!! XD
I was thinking about this the other day and might try it some time. Unfortunatly right on my deck we have some trees a little ways a way and it creates loud and very noticable echo.
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