I already used the search bar, but didn't find anything to suit my needs.

Here's the deal. This winter, I found myself a Laney Pro-Tube 100 AOR Head. In just over a month, I move into the dorms. So... I need advice. Should I sell the amp and try to get a similar combo? Should I ask my parents to store it for me while I'm away and get a little amp? Or should I just just try to tough it out with my head and 2x12?
I'd say check out the situation. If the people around you are cool then bring in the head and cab. Otherwise, sell or store it.
you could get an attenuator like a Weber attenuator for around $70 but taking a 2x12 to your dorm may be a bit huge lol. My 1 x 12 combo took up quite a bit of space and I was in a rather large dorm.

I would say keep it at home FOR NOW. Scope out your room when you show up and then bring it back with you if you think you have the space for it...I guess that will only work if you live near your college and can drive and pick it up. If its too big then you have an excuse to get a new amp and you can keep your big one at home

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My freshman year of college I had to stuff my amp in my closet lol....i had a decent size 250 watt combo amp....I couldnt even imagine trying to fit in a head and cabinet.

I think the only problem would be it taking up too much room....unless of course your dorm is big. The volume wouldn't be that much of a problem unless you live with a bunch of a holes. I actually made some friends that way....random people would just knock on my door because they heard me play.

So again...if your willing to deal with the loss of space then do it. If not....get a smaller one.

Good Luck
when i went to uni i said a tearful goodbye to my fender hot rod. i'm glad i did though, until you get gigging there is no reason to have a big amp at uni, and you probably won't be gigging in your first term at least.

This is the time to look into 5w valve combos. They will also not piss off your entire halls with their volume :p
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Thanks all. The only problem is that within a week or two of my moving in, "home" will be relocating about 1200 miles away from school. So as I can't bear the thought of parting with my amp, it looks like it's combo shopping time.
Store Laney, Buy Used Flextone Combo.
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Store Laney, Buy Used Flextone Combo.

This, or some sort of POD so you could do it silently
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Store the Stack.

Buy a low-wattage tube amp, like a-

Blackstar HT combo or head/cab
Epi Valve Junior
Blackheart Tube Combo

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Egnater rebel 20?

Vox night train?

those are good suggestions as well. Maybe a bit expensive though....

-Gibson LP VM
-Silvertone Kentucky Blue
-MXR CC Delay
-Ibanez TS-9
-Egnater Rebel 20
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My rig is simple
Haha. UG's Chuck just said chuck. haha
You're not truly playing guitar unless you know theory.
Ugh. 5w tube amps are still too loud, trust me. Just bring your whole 212 setup and shove it under your bed. Get a small solid state practice amp, like an Orange Micro Crush (which sounds GREAT and has a headphone jack!). You'll know when the time is right to use the big amp. You never know just how quickly you'll find a band (took me like a month haha) or you may have a really lax hall/building where you can play with the big guns.

Don't sell your amp or buy a 5w tube amp. Trust me.
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