I own a fender hot rod deluxe and about 20 mins ago i went to turn the amp on, let it warm up on standby for a few mins like normal, then went to turn it on and play and i got no sound out of it. checked my connections, nothing. then i look behind the amp and see only one of the 2 power tubes is glowing. i power the amp down and the one that i think is blown is ringing a little when i tap it.

so assuming its blown/broken/whatever i need a new set, and was wondering if you guys know a good online place, and is this something i could do on my own? reinstalling them? i guess a better question is will i have to re-bias the amp or is it a pull and plug job? i've done a lot of repair work before just never had to mess with the tubes in an amp before.

finally, brand suggestions? or even type of tube? 6L6 the way to go?
You can only replace tubes with the same type (i.e. if was a 6l6, get a 6l6). For tubes, try a JJ 6L6.

AS for changing tubes, you will have to bias, unless it cathode biased. Biasing isn't really hard, you need a multimeter, and just watch some youtube videos.
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