It's about tapping.I started using it recently and it isn't working for me.Could it be because i have old(about 16-17 years)and not very good guitar or it's all about tehnique and skill?
Can you do it at a slow pace alright? I'm not very good at tapping, myself.
Also, I don't know about you, but I prefer to use my index finger instead of my middle finger. You do whatever feels comfortable.
Just like every other technique, you need to start practicing slowly. Is it a muting problem, notes aren't being played in the proper sequence, or speed?
Just do it slow (clean, but slow) and work your speed up. Also, i like to use my pick to tap.
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it just takes practice
my tapping sounded like crap for a long time till i finally got the finger rhythm down and it smoothed out pretty quick and started to sound good
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a nicer guitar will make it easier to tap, but if you don't have proper technique you won't be able to tap on any guitar. slow it right down and try it, i mean really painfully slowly.

are you on an electric or acoustic? what type of tapping are you trying, single finger or two handed tapping?
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Also, i like to use my pick to tap.

Wow, that's pretty sick!

Another thing to keep in mind:
If you want to mute the strings better, tap the highest note with your index finger while holding the neck (near the fret you're tapping) with your pinky and thumb. This might help you nail down the accuracy aspect of the technique.
I use my middle finger to tap - this is so that I can keep my pick in it's normal grip between my index and thumb and transitioning quickly between picking and tapping and back again.
Other than that it's just like regular legato - hammer the note firmly enough for it to sound, and pull off just like your would with your left hand with a slight flicking motion. Mute with the side of your right hand and your left hand fingers.
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I'm trying to learn a single finger tapping
You'll get the hang of it after a while. Some people (not including me) are lucky to master it quick!
Remember tapping is a legato technique! So you want it to be smooth, like other people have said it does help to anchor your thumb on the guitar neck then which ever finger you use to tap with (usually index or middle) will be a bit stronger. Just take it slow and make sure each note gets a smooth even sound, also played for the same amount of time. Like I said though it's a legato technique so just treat your other hand like you are going to hammer on or pull off. I think most people have a harder time pulling off because they just lift the finger off the fret, make sure you move the finger down or up to get that pull off to sound right. I hope that all makes sense if it doesn't there is a Guthrie Govan lesson on tapping somewhere thats really good
^No. You can staccato it if you like (legato means smooth, staccato choppy). Apart from that, the advice was good though.

The key to it for me was to flick off the string after tapping. Have you got hammer-ons/pull-offs down (damn well) yet? It's basically the same as that, but with the picking hand.

a nicer guitar will make it easier to tap
A guitar with a good setup and light strings makes it easier to tap. It's nothing to do with quality, so long as you've got lowish action and a well setup neck you'll be fine.
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