I just modified my strat to use three different Seymour Duncan humbuckers, two using a series/parallel push-pull tone pots, but now my master volume doesn't cut out all the volume, only a little. Any thoughts?
if your volume is only a 500k pot then you might need to switch it out with a 1000k pot

granted i'm no expert...
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you probably have it wired up to control only one or two of the pickups, leaving one on full volume
Yes I grounded lug 1, and I have this problem with all the pickups, not just one.
I have the jack in the center and one grounded to the other side.
So I need to attach a live wire to one lug of each pot and to a lug of the master
volume, Mr. Colins?
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I totally understand what you are getting at, and I hate it when others do this as well, but I have read up on these things and I have tried to find out what's wrong, but I could not find the answer. Granted, I should have searched to see what a multi-meter did, but it still doesn't solve my problem.
Thank you anyways, sir.