on my acustic electric i have a ****ty ass pickup what can i do to make it better can i change it and how much would it be
That's completely stupid advice.

OP, just saying "it sucks" isn't very helpful. What acoustic is it you have, what amplifier do you use it with, what sort of thing are you trying to play, what do you think is wrong with your current tone and how would you like to change it?
Also generally with acoustics, the pickups tend to all have very 'flat' responses so changing the electronics makes only a minimal difference in sound, usually only in terms of clarity. With acoustics, the main thing that decides the tone is the construction of the guitar itself, then the amp it's plugged into, then the strings. Pickup makes next to no difference.

Additionally, be aware this is the electric guitar forum and there is a separate forum for acoustic guitars.
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