Poll: Which is Better? All cost $599.
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Schecter Tempest Custom
1 8%
Schecter C-1 Plus
4 33%
Ibanez S520EX
7 58%
Voters: 12.
Each of the following guitars are $599. Which would be considered the best quality:

* Schecter Tempest Custom
* Schecter C-1 Plus
* Ibanez S520EX

Musical interest include: Zebrahead, Rise Against, AFI, Atreyu, Bouncing Souls, RHCP, Senses Fail, AC/DC, Metallica, etc...I could list more, but this should give a general idea.

I have tried both Schecters, and they felt like a big improvement over my Epi G310, I am still waiting for my local guitar shop to get that Ibanez in stock so I can try it out.
Whats wrong with the Tempest Custom? Personally I'd get that or the C-1. I like ibanez, but I'm not really too fond of their S series. I like RGs.
Maximum volume yields maximum goats.
if you like to change tunings alot on your main guitar then avoid the S series imo unless you want to continue using your epi as your backup/spare tuning guitar.