I made this new demo, its got a very weezer/ green day feel. Its very rough, and short. but im looking for some initial feedback before i finish it. its "Get in my Car" on my profile. leave a link and i'll crit yours.

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Me playing
I like it! I can hear the influences, and I was expecting the same old, but I think it was very unlike both of them while maintaining the best parts of both of their genres.

As for the negative (it happens), the production part could've used a little better mixing and could just use polishing. But it's not a biggie, it wasn't so noticeable that it took away from the song itself. I've been doing this for a lonnggg time so I notice this stuff quickly, so don't take offense to this.

All in all very good, and I like the lyrics =D

C4C meee captain
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does anyone else notice the 30 seconds of silence at the end? or is it just me?

anyway, great job man. i can feel the weezer and green day influences in there. I noticed the vocal phrasing is similar to "Brain Stew" by green day lol
Its cool, could you check my songs tap and the field is burning and tell me what you think thanks.