I have a MIM strat, (HSS) and I am about to order a loaded pickguard that is SSS. I am wondering if I will have any problems fitting the new Bridge single coil pickup in the Bridge Humbucker opening in the guitar. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Um, that depends. If it's a straight S-S-S loaded pickguard you shouldn't have any problems, since humbuckers have the same width as single coils.

But, if it's an angled bridge single coil, you may have to rout away a little bit more room in the body for it to sit at it's appropriate angle.
The bridge single coil is angled. But I might be able to get it made straight. Is there any drastic difference between having the bridge pickup angled or straight?
Well most new MIM strats are swiming pool style right? so then no you should have no issue plus even if its not its definately HSH routed so you should be fine not to mention that humbuckers need more space than single coils.
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It'll be fine.
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