Like GAIN sometimes doesn't work... and when I play it goes like this:
YEAH I CAN HEAR the guitar.
Shi- now it's all quiet.
Yay I can hear it again!

Over and over.

Is amp. broken?
Sometimes sound doesn't even come out... and I jam the guitar like crazy until it does... but then it goes away again. -_-
Happened on my First Spider III (Xmas Gift, Dont hate me)
Send it to the factory, I dont think there is anything you can do. Try using different guitars/cables/not using a pedal first. also check the wires in back of your amp if its solid state. Finally, you may haev a tremolo effect on and not know it (Very unlikely.)
maybe its just a bad connection on the input jack or a cold solder on your guitar output jack. That happened to me.... IF you have multiple guitars and they both dont work its the amp if not borrow a friends and find out! haha if it is your amp depending on whether its a tube or not it may have different issues, if its nice you should take it to a technician if its super cheap smahs it and get a new one haha
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sounds like the speakers are failing.
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I'd first check your leads - try a new one. If a new lead doesn't work check the inputs of you guitar and amp.
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Well simply,put a lead from your guitar straight into your amp.If that doesn't work,then try it with another lead.Do the same thing with different guitars (if you have two guitars or leads).
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