Anyone thought of relic-ing an acoustic?

Ofcourse I won't do it to my martin but to my beater guitar, I think that Willie Nelson's Trigger guitar wont be too bad :P

Anyone has a relic-ed guitar?

A nice interesting idea and I would enjoy the end product, but I'd probably sooner execute a public guitar smashing than go through all the trouble and time to let it look like that.
very bad idea....i relic'd an electric but its completely different... theres a difference between a inch and a half thick solid wood body of an electric and a 1/16th of an inch soundboard... not to mention it would be wayyyyyyy too easy to fu** up and ruin the guitar... there would be no real point in doing it.
The only good way to beat up a guitar is to beat it up from playing. Otherwise, you're just damaging a perfectly good instrument.