Hey, I've always wanted to learn to play and I decided now is the time. A friend of mine is selling a Starcaster by Fender and a fender sp10 22 watt amp and a cord for 150 bucks? She played it for a few months and never used it afterward and its in great condition. Do you think its worth it? Is this a decent guitar for a beginner?
I've noticed alot of beginners to play and actually enjoy Starcasters. I'd say go for it, maybe you can woo her after you buy it and learn a few songs, eh?
Yeah is is for a started and just to let you know Its by squire witch is a brnch from fender. So its not a real fender.
But you just stick with it and you will do fine.
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Yeah I knew it's from Squire. Oh and for the first guy that posted...I think she has a thing for me anyway
Yes, its a decent begginer guitar, I wouldn't go as far as to say its spectacular or anything out of the ordinary. If you're getting the guitar and amp for $150 then that's a good deal and I say go for it. Good luck and happy rocking!
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NOOOOOOOOO I had one and I hated the damn thing, Look on your local craigslist for a good deal, I got a Jackson Kelly worth about $1400 for $200

Also I bought mine new for $150??
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Um, Starcaster is by Fender and not Squire . . . I think? I don't know if I would get it. It sells for $200 new with the amp. Don't expect anything wonderful but it should keep you happy for a little while if it's this or nothing. Have fun!
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NOOOOOOOOO I had one and I hated the damn thing

He's only getting it to start on... Everyone should have a ****ty first guitar... It helps you decide between what's good and what's bad later on.


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dont its a targetcaster i had one and it was stolen and i praised the thiefs for it.
i got my gutiar + amp for $200
Yeah I was planning to get a sh**** guitar for my first one. Everyone starts there. So Im not looking for anything special.