hey guys

Ive been using a Fender Aerodyne Jazz for a while and I replaced the pickups with SD Quarter Pounders for both the P and J pickups. I run that into my Tech 21 Sansamp bass driver and then bypass my Backline 600's own EQ so the sound comes right out my 210 and 115 BLX cabs.

So thats my rig and out of it, I get my exact picking tone. When I use a pick I can get any sound I want out of it and make it so absolutely perfect it sounds amazing.

But Ive been having trouble getting a good tone for when I play with my fingers.

I went to a show of a few local touring bands and the bassists had this absolutely thunderoous finger tone that seemed to blast me whenever he played. It was o thick sounding(as opposed to picking tones I use) but I can't seem to get it out of my current setup...

any tips UG?
I'm gonna say it's 95% the fault of your setup. You need a good high action to get a REAL finger tone and for me there's absolutely no exception. Some people like the clickity clank from low action but it removes ALL the thump. My solution? Get click out of your fretting hand, not your picking hand. How? Raise the crap out of the action and straighten the neck considerably to the point where you have about a dime's thickness of relief around frets 7-9 when fretting the first and last frets.
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so raise the action?

how would that effect the picking tone though? I really like to use both