This is the first song I've ever started writing and I want reviews/help if u see something I could change for the better. I don't have music with it yet so no true tune (other than the way it goes in my head)

On a lonely night in the middle of nowhere
The young boy strikes the chimes
But little does he know that somewhere out there
Demons wait for the time....
To pounce and growl and tear apart
At the little boys innocent heart
But he doesn't,
No he doesn't, know why.

He's battered and bruised
And crippled at heart
His parents severed him
from the start
How could he just go on
Livin the life of an unwanted son.

If the innocence of one will fail
To the wants of those who do not care
About the happiness of a modern day
hippie~~~~~~~~a hippie~~~~~~~

Then what's the harm in having guilt
For a gluttonous self-centeredness
It just lets him be him
His guilty innocence~~~~~~his guilty innocence

This logical paradox
Roams the earth it walks it talks
A realization is needed now
Or the sun will for-ever stay down
~~~~it could be the end of~~~~
~~~~his guilty innocence~~~~~