Hey UG. I don't know what to do in the situation I am in right now and I was looking for some guidance. This may sound gay but I am debating whether or not I should join my church band. They do small gigs in different local venues. I am an emerging musician so I was thinking that I could get my name heard and have experience in a "show". The bad thing is that its a church band and I like metal and rock. I also don't know if I can commit myself to this if I'm not going to like it. If you could give me your opinion on what I should do I would greatly appreciate it.
I say do it, and if you are worried that you'll become hometown-famous for playing church music that doesn't have any technical stuff, you could just get hometown-famous and then start playing your own stuff.
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I like indie, punk and ska. I'm in a church band..

just because a song is traditionally played a certain way doesn't mean you can't change it to let yourself/ others connect with it easier. just respect the meaning of the song.. obviously you wouldn't play a usually sparse, reflective song into metal..

if you find noone else in the band is agreeing with you musically, you can always step down..

sidenote: it's a church band. it really shouldn't be to 'get your name out there' .....
It might do well for training on playing to an audience, but if you dont like it, you wont enjoy it, you'll grow tired of it and you'll end up losing your time.

try joining other kinds of groups like your school's band, or just make a band with your friends and play at parties or something. the point is that you should like what you are doing, and if you know beforehand that curch bands are mostly boring, you shouldn't join.

Sit in for a practice.
If you like it, great.
If not, you haven't committed to anything.

Was that really so hard?
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Why not, extra experience never hurt anyone.


For example, I play in a couple jazz bands at school that gig around the area. Now, I don't listen to jazz at all, yet I find it quite fun and enjoyable to play. You may be in the same situation.

Go to a practice and then judge.
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My old church had an AWESOME band. but they would only let high schoolers be in it, and I wasn't in high school yet... and then they all got older and got married.. and that church no longer has a band...


my point it, it can be cool, and you could have fun with it. Dont get dicouraged because the music isnn't exactly hat you like now, you can always make suggestions in the future.

**side note: there are good christian rock songs.