i just got my vintage v back from gc today. i got a new L500XL installed with 2 new tone pots. this is a 27 year old guitar if that helps any. when the tone is at 0, there is very little noise (as it is an excellent low-noise pickup) but when i turn up the tone dial (500k) it starts to make a lot of buzzing noise fast. when its on and i touch the strings or any electronic part on it except the pick up itself the noise completely disappears and sounds like it should. i have the original dimarzio neck pick up in it. another thing when it was being put in the guitar tech told me that it shorted out and was dead but when i got there he had fixed it (i think it was human error). it sounds amazing except for the buzz.

some thoughts of mine are maybe its not grounded well
-to eliminate spring noise i put electrical tape around the claws in the cavity maybe that affected grounding

-is it just the pick up i dont think it would be

- maybe different impedances cause it


help me out please!!
Jims right.........Damn Jims super fast answering skills. Its definatly the tone knob cause all the rigs I have used my Xl500l in have had one knob and thats for volume.
TS hope you have fun with the xl500l I love mine to no end........incidently its in a guitar I got from Jim.
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thanks for the info! i use a threshold any way but i havnt played through it yet and i already love my l500xl. its amazing! and cheap too why doesnt every one have one?