i was thinking about getting an epiphone les paul studio for my first guitar and i have a few qeustions
First is it a good beginner guitar?
is it good for playing heavy metal?
and whats the differences between the regular one and the goth one?

the studio is kinda like a stripped down standard. it doesnt look quite as nice but it still sounds decent. the goth just has a matt black finish, black hardware, and no inlays on the neck. i actually got one of the goth ones myself about a month and a half ago because i was looking for something i could get some better clean out of compared to my kelly. you can get a good distorted sound out of it but im pretty sure it wasnt made for metal. the neck on it feels a bit more like my acoustic so it really isnt the fastest out there. personally, id say try to find somehting with a thinner neck but i think you might be able to get the sound youre looking for out of it. might just need the right amp/pedals
Honestly, at that price, I'd suggest an Ibanez. Lower end Epiphones are really, really freaking bad. Ibanez works for heavy metal, and from my experience, they make good guitars at all price ranges.
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i have it..for like 4 years great guitar for the cash

but try it first! some of them are good some of them really bad