The other guitarist in my band suggested that I tune my Ibanez RG-5 down to my bands tuning (D standard) incase I break a string on my PRS saturday at a gig. I don't really want to but its not a bad idea and I should have a back up.

Anyways, My question is since I have a locking system on it and I have never tuned it out of E standard should I make any kinds of adjustments to spring tension?

Edit: It seems like everytime I come here its to ask questions about tuning. >.>
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Yeah you'll have to make adjustments, cause the bridge will sink into the guitar due to the lack of tension. So, counter that.
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yeah you'll have to pop the back plate off and adjust the spring/whammy tension if you want to tune it down. and then you'll have to bring it back up if you want to change back to standard
Honestly man, I have an Ibanez RG too and its reallllly not worth the hassle of tuning it down. Just keep it in the tuning you have now, you'll save yourself hours of headaches. It takes forever to adjust the bridge, especially if you're going a whole step down from standard.

Just change your strings on your PRS a few days before the show if you're worried about them breaking.
**** d standard.... use regular e standard tuning.... as you can tell im not a fan on alternate tunings
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Yeah just loosen the tension in the back springs to counteract the decrease in tension over the strings, not too hard really. Ensure that the bridge sits parallel to the body basically.