unno if this is the right place and if it aint...sorry

but anyway i was wondering what the program guitar pro is for?
just wondering
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Tab Talk is actually the right place.

This forum is for learning how to use UG. how to use the controls, navigate through the different forums, where to post different threads, stuff like that.
Be sure to read the FAQ while you're here, to help you with the basics.

But the newbie forum is slow enough that we have time to deal with questions like yours.
Guitar Pro is used to create, read, and even listen to tabulature for guitar songs.
There is a free program that is similar called TuxGuitar.
It can be used for the same functions.

PowerTab is also similar but uses a different file structure. It can't be used with GP files.

I'd suggest trying the free TuxGuitar program and downloading some of the GP files from the UG tab archive. If you find it useful, you might want to invest in buying the GuitarPro program.

Good luck
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