tabla ringing out with a low frequency hum.
wind tickling the soft, damp cheeks of those who've loved
and those who've lost.
sand beneath toes curled together,
crisp but gentle sea air hitting the gray eyes,
two hands, two relaxing drinks
maybe a few more.
setting a mood bringing a kindhearted couple
back to their voluptuous youth.
fifteen minutes pass, the aging beauty reads a few pages
her always and forever love sits back,
teeth grind down as the salty coastal breeze makes his mouth itch.
he speaks soft and wholesome,
'remember when i left you the note on your pillowcase,
a beautiful poem, so cliche,
but cutesy,
remember how you read it, how you thought of it
so nice, so quaint.
every word, letter, punctuation i wrote,
it was dead-on,
and holds true today,
and when I say goodbye,
don't think of it as goodbye.'
so they go,
and fade off to an ending so much like the beginning
throwing a line out into the water
and waiting for a fish that won't come.

something nice i wrote,
nothing deep.
this one is for you.
Thank you for writing this

I needed something to cheer me up today and this did the job. A veritably gorgeous little piece of writing.