As musicians, it would seem that there is nothing more to fear than writers block. It's our nemesis. But what happens when you step even farther back. What happens when you've lost your, initiative, inspiration, and your ability to express it.

Many of us have met this obstacle. Many, including myself. It's killing me, guys. I've met the one thing I can't get over: Apathy. I've tried conquering this giant, this juggernaut of inexpressibility, but it foils me each time.

So, discuss. This isn't so much a cry for help, but I want to see how you guys all got over this bull**** problem. Maybe it'll help me too.
I'm still in the state of which you are speaking of. I can't really find music that fun or amusing. In fact, I've been so driven into listening to the instrumental aspects of songs and understanding the progressions, and other musical aspects - i can't hear music the same. I realized that I completely stopped listening to lyrics, and due to my lack of one on one connection to people, my ability to understand vowels and the human voice (distinguishably as before) and diminished. I don't really know what to do either, but i've been trying to listen to more of my original influences for why I started playing guitar.
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