I have a semi-visual of a couple chords.. could somebody help me figure them out?

Basically... I'm a very beginner guitar player. However, there is this song I really like and theres a tab on UG of it.. but its not the same as Pat Green plays it in this video.


IF anybody has an AOL instant messenger handle and would be willing to take a couple minutes to help explain a few things to me, I would be very very greatful.

Thanks Guys.
to me it looks like standard G, C, and D

G [320003]
C [X32010]
D [XX0232]
___________ ____________


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Thank you so much for your prompt response....

I figured out the original G chord.. and I suppose the second chord may be a C... but what about right after the C when the pinkie finger seems to go to the 6th string? (and it looks like other fingers move a little, too) what chord is that?