I've Been trying to learn some new techniques and while i know how to tap and sweep tap, I want to to know some songs that have really crazy tapping. Like Sea of lies or Andy James tapping. So UG what are some good songs that Feature Crazy Insane awesome tapping?
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I can give you some great ones! If you'd wanna do some amazingly crazy tapping, try Get Out Of My Yard by Paul Gilbert. The beginning is originally two people, a human capo, but it would be definitely challenging to do it by yourself. Another is Hot For Teacher by Van Halen, that's a classic. And there's always some bits and peices of tapping in songs by the band Cacophony, one of my personal favorites. So try Get Out Of MY Yard by Paul Gilbert, Hot For Teacher by Van Halen, Get The Funk Out by Extreme and look up Cacophony and Racer X. Don't complain, but you'll have a VVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY hard time keeping up with Racer X and Cacophony. They are...gods.
Most of the time, sweeps and taps are just fancy arpeggios. Just learn the notes of each chord and play them.
Ex. E, G, B, ---12---15---19----