I was looking at the Line 6 Modulation modeler, which was many different varieties of Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, U-vibe, tremolo and that type of stuff.. but i was wondering if it would be better to buy those effects seperately? i mean.. i see the logic, since they probably allow more possibilites seperatly than in a bundle... but since the modeler is quite expensive, it might be good? dont really know.... if i had to buy seperate pedals, i'd go for quality though.. like.. MXR 117 flanger, MXR sterio chorus, possibly a boss tremolo, or a dunlop univibe..

what can you guys recommend? both sound and price-wise?
Soundwise, separate pedals will always be better due to the amount of control and also because you can rearrange them as you like. The pros for the modellers are that they will take up less space and will cost less from a feature-vs-price perspective. You have to decide for yourself to see which one you want.


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Sometimes I kind of wish I got the modulation modeler since I have the DL4 and it is great and it would give me a lot of flexability. If you don't think you would use more than one type of mod effect at once I would get the line 6. You would probably never end up buying all the pedals it covers.
ok thanx guys.. i've decided to go for the individual effects.. specifically: MXR 117 Flanger, Hardwire Sterio Chorus, and Seymour Duncan Shape Shifter Tap Tremolo ... did alot of research, and they definately sound good
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not always. the line6 modeller will sound better than some of those dunlop pedals...

I agree, I'm finding an individual pedal pretty much has to be over $100 to start to compete with my POD.
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