Looking over the forums I haven't found really anything to do with this awesome band. And what I did find was that some people hate them or say they suck or etc. Why!? They're amazing! So I decided to make a list of the band members, songs, all the fun stuff and I want you guys to put in your input on some of their songs or how you feel about the band (do not comment and say they suck or something like that!).

They are definetely screamo and have classified themselves as an "emo band".

Band Members
Current Members:

Craig Mabbitt - Vocals
Max Green - Bass / Background Vocals
Bryan "Monte" Money - Lead Guitar / Rhthym Guitar / Background Vocals
Robert Ortiz - Drums

Former Members:

Ronnie Radke - Vocals
Omar Espinosa - Rhythym Guitar / Background Vocals
Carsen Allen - Keyboards / Background Vocals

"Ronnie Radke was asked to leave the band after he was sentenced to prison for multiple run-ins with the law involving narcotics and battery for a fight that led up to the death of Michael Cook." - Wikipedia

"After the (There's No Sympathy for the Dead) EP's release, keyboardist Carson Allen left the band to join On The Last Day."

"In 2007 During the Black on Black tour, rhythm guitarist Omar Espinosa left the band due to personal issues."


2005 - Escape the Fate EP
May 23, 2006 - There's No Sympathy for the Dead EP
Septemeber 26, 2006 - Dying is Your Latest Fashion
2007 - Situations EP
October 21, 2008 - This War Is Ours


Not Good Enough For Truth in Cliche
The Flood
10 Miles Wide

Production - Epitaph Records

"Mabbitt has leaked information that the band already has 5 new songs in the works, and has started recording the songs, while planning on performing a few on the 2009 Van's Warped Tour. On May 31st, Mabbitt stated on his twitter acount "finished 7 new demo songs for the next album sooo excited, thanks for the heaviness recharge monte," alluding to the possibility of heavier songs. He also stated for fans that they have incorporated more screaming into these new songs.

In a recent interview during Warped Toured 2009, Escape The Fate stated that they were going to be recording sometime in the winter and will release a new record come spring of 2010. Craig Mabbitt also stated that after Warped Tour, the band would be releasing a new song."

Also during an interview they said that most of their songs are based off of Halo because they are all big fans of the game.

Ronnie Radke is now out of prison and has a new band formerly called From Behind These Walls but changed because of legal reasons to Falling in Reverse.

Comment please =P
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cool post OP but I reckon this belongs in the hardcore forum more so than pop punk and emo, as I don't think any pop punk band would do 5 and 6 string sweeps :P
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this girl like said it was all screemz so I like punched her in teh face, serves her right stupid bish, don't fukk with Pantera
Oops my bad, I'm new lol =P I considered them emo because they classified themselves as emo once, so now I'm confused lol.
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you should've chose a different username
...Nothing you've ever...
...Planned on ever turned out...
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one of our near and dear regulars of PP&E and Punk and Ska for that matter is named element 4433 (maybe those numbers are right...)

but yeah, confused me too
...Nothing you've ever...
...Planned on ever turned out...
...The way you planned...

...You're still disappointing them...