Hi people on UG, i'm opening thread because i need your help.
The thing is that i'm looking to buy a new guitar, i could find it myself as easy as going to a Guitar Center you would say, but the thing is no, i live in Mexico, but since im going to Tucson in a week, two or so, i think it would be great to try some recommended models instead of random trying.
So, i have a budget of $500 Max
I play mostly metal, like Children of bodom, Megadeth, Metallica, some BFMV, Maiden, Slayer, (first to come to my head) etc..
I love the shape of a RR, and also love the strat style of the ESP's

So if u can, recommend me some guitars i could try.
Thank you.

Edit: i forgot to tell you, if it has FR better.
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Possibly the ESP Alexi 200?
I know Adrain Smith has a Jackson signature, it's shaped like a start with a humbucker in the bridge so that may be something to consider. Or even a Jackson Dinky.
Obviously I'd suggest an Ibanez RG or some kind of S series.
If you like the different guitar shapes, try Deans and BC rich.
Well, i already have a B.C. Rich Avenge S.O.B and i got a Jackson JS30RR stolen :/
And yeah, i tought of the Alexi 200, but there's something telling me i could get something better for the price. Don't you think?
"oh sh*t i gotta do vibrato"
-Marty Friedman

Best quote ever.
That ibanez looks cool, will try it

What do you guys think of the ESP LTD MH 205?
"oh sh*t i gotta do vibrato"
-Marty Friedman

Best quote ever.