forgive me if this is in the wrong section thing, but i am going to start learning a song for my school assesment. The only thing is that I dont know what to play. Can people please give me suggestions. I'd prefer it to be in the metal genre, mainly heavy stuff AKA All Shall Perish, Parkway Drive, I killed The Prom Queen, All That Remains etc. I suck at sweep picking so Id like a peice withought any of that in it.
Cheers in advance - Callum
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eww na aybe not. i was thinking idols and anchors - Parkway Drive and then me and friend are going to do a duet of Let The Tempest Come - At The Throne Of Judgement
Idols and anchors is a good song; not that hard yet sounds so good. You should duet that song (cuz it sounds cool when the 2nd guitar comes in during the tapping part).
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we were going to do composure as the duet but then we heard Let The Tempest Come and we like it more lol. what bout Six By All That Remains or an As Blood Runs Black song, not in dying days, i did that last term lol.
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Unless your teacher is into metal, it doesn't really matter what you play. I like to play metal too... I ended up playing Chili Peppers songs for my school assessments and got very high marks for them.

Play something that both you and your teacher like, you're much more likely to get better marks.
Play some SikTh. Bland Street Bloom.
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