im looking to purchase a new amp and am fairly sure on the bugera range, i THINK i've narrowed it down to either the 6262 or 6260. they seem fairly similar, which has more gain? and which do you think would be better in general in terms of seperate EQ's and the high/low gain inpus on only one of them
I have the 6262 head/cab. Supposedly, the 6260 has slightly more gain but you won't need all the gain the 6262 has. To me, having seperate eq's was the deciding factor between the two. Love the amp, great tones and loud.
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i would say the 6262 would be your best bet. you can HARDLY notice the dif in gain between the 2. i did a test on them and its a SLIGHT dif. the 6262 still has more gain then you would need. the sep eqs, sep pres and reverb for each channel makes the amp a bit more verstile imo

i love my 6262 head
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