Hey all! So I finally thought I'd promote my band a bit on UG and seeing as this is the forum to do that I thought hey, why not?

Anyways, we're Dycian Maze and we recently finished our debut EP 'Soldiers of the Grave' which we got back just the other day. You can hear three of the songs off the EP (there are four songs on it) on our myspace (http://www.myspace.com/dycianmaze).

See what you think and if you're interested in purchasing a copy get in touch.

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It's magic magic baby!

Makes a change to hear a bassdrum which isn't too clicky! I think the vocals sound very metallicaish- and i hate metallica for their vocals (bear in mind that millions of people love metallica and buy their cds so I wouldn't worry about me not getting on with that style of vocals!) all the riffing sounds pretty solid- the harmony guitar parts are done really well- they remind me of all the bands harmony parts should (avenged, maiden etc) harmony solo is really cool as well (although the thing i've always wondered about harmony solos is what happens live hehe :P)

Track by track-

The Hand Inside: Although I wouldn't say the riffing is particularly original I would say it's done well - its pretty solid- i think this track could've ended on the bend at the end of the solo- bringing the chorus back in again felt a little bit like "oh here we go again" but that's probably just cause I don't get on with the vocal style!

Soldiers of the Grave: Metallicaish vocals again, the pause under the "SOLDIERS OF THE GRAVE" works well to accentuate it. Really liked the solo in this song- nice wah usage! Really feeling the half time in the drums towards the end as well!

Yesterday's Man - Liking this track a lot more from the outright - just cause its a bit faster, feels a bit more energetic- good pick up after soldiers of the grave. the breakdown / solo section kicks a lot of ass again.

So yeah overall- i think it's pretty solid stuff- for fans of metallica/megadeath/maiden - i wouldn't rush out and buy your CD just cause i don't get on with the vocals and would end up just fast forwarding to the solos/breakdowns but as I said before for a lot of people the vocals aren't gonna be an issue!

Also I see you boys are from Birmingham, heading up there for a gig next week- have you heard of a venue called The Rainbow or something?

xx matt

p.s. crit for crit? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1123313
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Hey Matt cheers for the feedback! Very constructive, thanks again! Unfortunately I can't check out your band at the moment because my mum's Mac can't download the latest flash player so it'll either be the weekend or early next week. I will definitely get back to you on it! Also, with the harmony parts it's usually just me that plays 'em live haha.

I'd say we're based in Birmingham but only one of us actually lives near Brum. I've vaguely heard of the Rainbow. Not sure where it is, though.
Rule number three: Never open the package

It's magic magic baby!

ah cheers man, if its any easier for you theres a link in that thread to download our whole mini-album for free although i'm not sure if your mum wants that on her mac haha keep it metal man!

xx matt
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Gave it a listen, its pretty solid stuff man. Being a Metallica fan ( and seeing you in the metallica threads back in the day) you can definitely hear your influences. I'm not gonna go out on a limb and say that this is the most original sounding thrash Ive ever heard, you guys obviously know what you like. I mostly enjoyed the leads, just straight through great lead playing. If there was some advice itd be to kind of keep pushing to find a little bit more of distinct sound, but I enjoyed it, and keep up the good work.
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