A buddy of mine is offering to sell me a 1986 Ovation Celebrity CC67 for $120. As I know nothing about Ovation guitars and its not easy to find good information about this one I wanted to ask the community. Is it worth $120? All I know is it has a pickup for playing out of an amp. Any input?
My band's guitarist has an Ovation and it's really nice. I don't think $120 is expensive for one. You should really play it though. The rounded body isn't for everyone.
It also sounds really good through an amp. No sound shaping at all.
i used to have a celebrity ovation, and uless it was plugged into an amp it sounded rubish, it just sounded dull. but i cant remember what model it was it may have just been a cheap one
It's a good deal, elderly sold a 80's cc67 for $170 so, $120 is a nice deal however like obeythepenguin said, they sound horrible when played unplugged, so if you are gonna get it, make sure to get a nice acoustic amp.
Agreed with comments above. It's relatively cheap, yes, but if you don't like it then what's the point, right?
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The price is good. But will you like it? Try it and see. They are not bad unplugged, but they are superb plugged in.

BTW: I love Ovations!
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So I ended up getting the guitar. It was an interesting situation. I have 2 Boss RC-2 loop pedals and my friend wanted to buy one of them. So I sold him the one I bought on ebay and basically got this guitar for free. So why not? A free guitar and 1 more to add to the collection. I love the idea of owning lots of guitars so I can get a good personal feeling of every one of them.

But anyway as far as sound goes I think it sounds pretty good right now. Unplugged or plugged into my non-acoustic Peavey amp. Granted it has brand new strings on it but I am happy with it. Cant go wrong with a free guitar. Thanks for all the input I really appreciate it!